Immerse yourself in the world of shoes

Welcome to N-Hype's VIP LOUNGE - the first place of its kind in Poland, where we meet your most sophisticated shopping needs!

Our VIP LOUNGE is a real paradise for shoe lovers who are looking not only for the latest models, but also for unique shopping experiences. We have prepared a unique place for you where you can pick up your order in person and enjoy exceptional service.

Imagine a stately interior, filled to the brim with shelves full of the latest shoe collections from brands such as Jordan, Nike, Yeezy, Adidas, New Balance. The friendly staff is waiting to provide you with personal shopping at the highest level. We are here only for you, offering personalized advice in choosing shoes that perfectly suit your style and taste.

More than shoes

But it is not everything! At VIP LOUNGE we offer much more than just shoes. You can immerse yourself in our wide range of items not available on the website. Discover rare books, designer rugs such as the unique Off-White, or even Supreme chairs that will add a unique character to your interior. It's truly a heavenly experience for fashion and aesthetic lovers!

How about a moment of relaxation while shopping? We offer you warm drinks and snacks so that you can immerse yourself in an atmosphere of unique pleasure. We will take care of you from the first moment you enter our doors, and all your time spent in our showroom will be fully devoted to your needs and attention.

Don't forget that we are here for you! If you need help choosing shoes or have specific preferences, please share them when making your appointment. Our staff is ready to meet your expectations and make you feel like a real VIP.

Make an appointment at our LOUNGE in Łódź


Don't wait any longer! We cordially invite you to our VIP LOUNGE N-Hype, where luxurious, comprehensive and individual service awaits you. Experience the highest level of shopping pleasure that we are sure will leave you with a smile on your face. Get ready for a great experience that you will want to repeat!

We are open to many things, e.g. if you want to record a music video in the showroom, write to us on Instagram or email 😉

You're welcome!