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Artykuł: Travis Scott - Thank God

Travis Scott - Thank God

[Verse 1: Travis Scott]
I won't doubt it, I won't
He won't mislead all His followers
Prayin' on the process, mind and spirit
Feel like
Like I'm
Floatin' in my prime time

[Pre-Chorus: Travis Scott]
One life, live it right now
One life, live it in

[Chorus: KayCyy]
Goodbyes, that's life
Fun times for life
For life, from down my eyes
Thank God I'm free tonight

[Verse 2: Travis Scott & Teezo Touchdown]
Got God on the line
Tell the devil I'm fine
He always tryin'
Tryin' his best (No question)
Top of the pole
Me and my bros
When the story get told
It's gon' be BMF (Muchas gracias)
This shit sound hard
It wasn't made easy
You can't live twice
Thank God I'm brеathin' (We gon' fuck it up)
We gotta go now
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Travis Scott

[Pre-Chorus: Travis Scott]
One lifе, live it right now
One life, live it in

[Chorus: KayCyy & Teezo Touchdown]
Goodbyes, that's life
Fun times for life
For life, from down my eyes
Thank God I breathe tonight (Fuck it up)

[Segue: Travis Scott]

[Verse 3: Travis Scott & Stormi Webster]
Still no pressure
Thank God, I breathe
'Cause shit I speak is what they need, I tell no lies
I'm still up top, they still can't drop, but what if they not? (Uh)
Yeah (Yeah)
Last tape was filled up with slaps, I guess gotta run this shit back
Didn't like the way that shit went down at the awards, I admit it, it turned to a beast
This that shit right here that get me goin', after I pop me a piece
Way that we killin' the critics and killin' the hate, might gotta talk to a priest
The way we evolved and knocked down walls, this shit's outrageous (Ooh)
A quarterback calls, I don't like 12, except Tom Brady
Can't short my stock, I still stack tall, you still can't trade me
Storm's a minor but you know she livin' major (That's right, daddy)
When you flyin' up this high, it ain't no cables
Shit so lit, what happen in Vegas, it stay in Vegas
Mornin' time, we check the news, we made the papers

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