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Artykuł: Travis Scott - SIRENS

Travis Scott - SIRENS

[Intro: John Fannon & Travis Scott]
Every night, I look up in the sky
And the stars are all there
But when I look for you, you're never there
Explorer, are you out there?
We had to spread out the word

[Verse 1: Travis Scott]
I was too damn determined
Rap game, it needed refurbish
I was on top with no service
Watch as they all playin' verses
They in the bushes, they lurkin'
Might gotta call the insurgents
She wanna fuck with a purpose
I gotta juggle my urges
Got a couple departments
Closet built like a department
Double up cup of the bourbon
How I give all of my sermons
Yeah, we still (Still)
Do things down to detail
Diva and the devil
Both them bad as he-ell
They get quiet when he yell (He yell)
Can't silent my people
You locked in the prequel
Meet me at the festi-viel
Foo, foo
See Travis Scott Live
Get tickets as low as $84

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[Verse 2: Travis Scott]
Now I got your attention (Look out)
It's wide and beatin' (Look out)
Vow this evenin' (Look out)
You never leavin' (Look-look-look-look-look-look)
Clock out, we sneak in (Look-look-look-look-look)
All the demons
Need a reason
Up from 2 A.M. to two in the afternoon (Look out)
It's a festival right in my room (Look out)
Soon as the sun up, you know that we boom (Look out)
Mariposa, we out to Cancún (Look out)
We gon' hustle more just before we out the room (Look out)
Back outside, it ain't no time for Zooms (Look out)
One point two, that's a whole lot of more vroom (Look out)
Three point two, that's a whole lot of whole lot of (Look out)
It's live, 'member days that I couldn't get by
There outside, it come with it inside
Now your venue, we gotta resize
I can't give all this credit to Colgate
By the way I be rentin' the smile (Look out, look out)
I know sometimes I be in denial (Look out, look out)
I know sometimes I be in the wild (Look out, look out)
How I rock in the, rock in the

[Instrumental Break]

[Outro: Drake]
I thought we were going to utopia?
What makes you say this isn't utopia?
I mean, I don't know, isn't it supposed to be some perfect destination? This is just your hotel room
Yeah, it looks perfect to me

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