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Artykuł: Travis Scott - Modern Jam

Travis Scott - Modern Jam

[Intro: Travis Scott]
Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, turn it up, my headphones
To the maker, vibrator
Roof shaker, earthquaker

[Verse 1: Travis Scott]
Baby, please get off the 'Gram
I like you better in the stands
I upgrade my only fan
It do or don't need a cam'
This right here my new modern jam
I'm on fire, the new burnin' man
She paid to view, that's an on-demand
Hey, Guy-Man, brought him home from France
This shit punk, put it on the Bible
I like a bi girl on a bi-cycle
Then I bought a car, now she feel entitled
My dick so hard, pokin' likе the Eiffel
I just need the world, I ain't hard to plеase
Way I keep the knowledge, think I'm Socrates
I got 'em levitatin' way off their knees
The way I make it jump, I make it hard to breathe, it's like

[Chorus: Travis Scott]
Bright, tight
The annihilator, forever favor
True upgrader, you a shaker
Car breaker
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[Verse 2: Travis Scott]
Baby, don't you know I got to go?
Got the glow and it got to show
Know it's been a year since I seen the road
Had me inside like I'm on parole
I'm outside like I'm on patrol
I hear the zeitgeist, now I'm in the zone
You know they say you up when you finally free
It won't feel right if it's only me
If you're scared, nigga, say your grace
I got the formula like I own the race
I got the keys with me like I own the place
If these niggas on top, then I'm outta space
I'd rather spend it on you than on Uncle Sam
Give this shit my all but don't give a damn
Even in the winter, it's a summer jam
I told her buckle up 'cause it's goin' down, it's like

[Chorus: Travis Scott]
Truth breaker, heartthrob, baby
Feather skater, you true raider

[Verse 3: Teezo Touchdown]
Uh-uh, I know you're lyin'
Outside waitin' in the line
Gettin' dough one at a time (Oh)
Uh-uh, I know you're lyin'
Outside waitin' in the line
Gettin' dough one at a time (Oh)
Bounce, baby, I'm in the buildin', baby
Do it, baby, you got my consent, baby
Oh, this the remix, oh, this the remix
Before she let me in, she gotta pat me down
Before she let me in, she gotta pat me down

[Outro: Travis Scott]
The annihilator
Forever favor

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