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Artykuł: Travis Scott - CIRCUS MAXIMUS


[Intro: Swae Lee]
Unreal, what is this?
God done gave me strength
Are these the front row seats you wanted?
We'll have our final moment

[Verse 1: Travis Scott]
A walk-in attraction
A walkin' distraction
I'm naturally Black and
Unnaturally breathin'
Like a waist that is snatchin'
Welcome to my world where it's packed in
At the top of the tavern
How I see when this happenin'
All the real have been dabbed in
All the, all the bumps and the grabbin'
Ain't no cops here harassin'
All the looks and the laughin'
And outside, it got traffic
'Cause inside, we wreak havoc
Yеah, I know when this
Yeah, I know when this drastic, whеre it's goin'
When I back up emotions
All this here, I'm controllin'
When I'm back in the
When I'm back in the streets, on my side, I'm patrollin'
When I'm back in the, when I'm back in the (Ah)
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[Interlude: The Weeknd & Travis Scott]
I know our love is forsaken (Woo)
But do you care if I was alive? (Whenever I'm back in the, ah)
Or do you wanna be famous? (Woo, yeah)

[Verse 2: Travis Scott]
I took the top off
Like she took her lil' blouse off
Too hard to go drop off
You know that boy not soft
I never would travel
So I need me a time vault
I been up in Cabo
With my Bailey Osanto
In this world, look around, yo
It's just mano y mano
I might still eat McDonald's
But don't think I'm a Ronald
I went back to my land
Move like Moses, walkin' over seas
In my state because the country
Every part of it is part of me
Tell your parliament, "Pardon me" (Woo)
Off the saké, turned to Socrates (Woo)
Heavy moments on the ground
Feel it shapin' in the sound
'Cause we ri—, 'cause we right in yo' house
And you know that we down
If yo' ass don't know nothin'
Gotta know that it's time
I'm excited to jump in
So much that I'm flyin'
Put you right in the function
Took you right off a vine
Got this shit in a bind
We got it, we got it now (Ah, woo)
Whenever I'm duckin' it (Ah, woo)

[Outro: The Weeknd]
I'm waiting on a let go
I'm waiting on a let go
I know myself, I know exactly how to make you special
Go, collect your fame
I'm waiting in an echo
I'm waiting in an echo
'Cause you keep callin' back, I thought I told you that we do not
Sorry, I didn't let you out
Out, woah-oh
(Out, woah-oh)

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